International tourism television with an official activity license, a media covering Iran and the world to reflect the news of tourism, handicrafts and entrepreneurship, introducing domestic and international tourism events


INTERNATIONAL TOURISM TV provides a platform by producing and broadcasting various programs in different genres such as TV talk shows, contests and entertainment, news broadcasts (24 hour program), video reports and various festivals along with advertisements of commercial and service brands in different regions of Iran and the world. to introduce tourism as best as possible and create a happy and fun environment for families.
A series of attractive television programs with the presence and participation of investors, communities and guilds all over Iran and the world is being designed and produced for broadcast, and every day in the broadcast schedule, there is a news section in various fields of international tourism events has been


TV shows, contests and entertainment, news broadcasts, video reports and various festivals.


ITT provides a platform to introduce world tourism as best as possible and create a happy and fun environment for families.


The 8-hour box is repeated in three time intervals and has a capacity of 24 hours, and nowadays, with the production of more programs, this capacity will reach longer boxes from the current box.


Reflecting tourism, cultural, artistic, social and economic activities of companies and organizations along with pre-produced contents of the organization 24 hours a day.

Broadcast schedule of network programs

Coming soon with tourism and special programs for Nowruz, women's wrestling, round table and live discussions, foreign films and series, competition and entertainment, music and any programes

Introducing TV programs

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