about us

ITT Internet and satellite TV is designed and launched with a tourism, cultural, artistic and economic approach, especially for introducing the different capacities of Iran's tourism, this TV is 24 hours a day and on different television platforms such as a dedicated application and website, cameras and all receivers. Android programs such as Namava and Filmo can be downloaded and watched for free on all smart TVs and mobile phones for all users around the world on Yahsat satellite

By producing and broadcasting various programs in different genres such as TV talk shows, competitions and entertainment, news broadcasts (24 hour program), video reports and various festivals along with commercial and service brand advertisements in different regions of Iran, ITT Tourism TV provides a platform to Introduce Iran tourism as best as possible and create a happy and fun atmosphere for families

A series of attractive television programs with the presence and participation of investors, societies and guilds throughout Iran is being designed and produced for broadcasting, and a news section in various fields of Iran's tourism events has been placed on the broadcast schedule every day

By attracting the necessary audience and establishing interaction with the viewer, while working closely with the owners of tourism brands and various government and private organizations, ITT Tourism TV has started broadcasting its programs on satellite in the space of Iran and Europe and has benefited Iranian audiences all over the world. Mandi invites Iranian investors from abroad in tourism projects

Broadcasting and reflection of tourism, cultural, artistic, social and economic activities of different regions of Iran and the world along with the pre-produced content of customers is considered 24 hours a day from Iran Tourism TV. This TV has set aside the appropriate amount of time for this purpose in the broadcasting conductor during the day and night

On our website, the link to download and install the mobile TV application for free has been placed, and in Cafe Bazaar, free and public download and installation conditions have been provided, and all Hushomand TVs and Android set-top boxes have this feature for installing and broadcasting TV programs. They have ITT tourism for free so that a wide range of contacts can access the daily programs of Kish Cafe

ITT, the first interactive tourism media

The broadcasting of Iranian and foreign movies of the day and the tour of Tehran will be interesting and the first 8-hour box will be repeated in three time slots and cover the capacity of 24 hours, and nowadays, with the production of more programs of this capacity, the current box will be extended to long boxes. will arrive and the design and production of new programs will be placed in the broadcast conductor