Tourism advertising film festival

Cinema and television in the service of tourism advertising

One of the aspects of cinema films is the location where the film is recorded. The choice of location can also be based on tourism advertising. In the most obvious case, the place where the story of the film takes place can become a tourist destination. Whether this place is a historical castle or a cafe or a modern arcade.

Movies can be used as an excuse for Tourism

With its long series, Turkey has undoubtedly succeeded in introducing the country's tourist attractions and attracting more and more tourists. Many people of the countries of the region and the world got to know this country anew through the successful series of Turkey and were attracted to travel to Turkey.

The role of advertising:

Advertisements in the tourism industry make tourists and visitors familiar before traveling to that area. Maybe he will never travel to that area, but he will get the necessary information.

The role of advertising is important in all businesses and certainly in tourism it has a great impact on attracting tourists and you should note that tourism is not a product or a brand and advertising is very sensitive.

Advertising in the tourism industry is very sensitive.

A tourist or visitor may plan a trip in the upcoming vacation, so he plans all his expectations based on the advertisements he has.

A false advertisement can cause irreparable damage to the tourism industry of that region. It is true that advertising is no guarantee of success in tourism, but it certainly increases the chances of success.

Making money from tourism:

Of course, many of those who advertise in the field of tourism set their goal to increase their income and were very successful. They use advertisements very cleverly to promote their services. The services that generally include booking hotels and flights are not very comprehensive help to the tourism industry and are only exclusive to that group.

Sometimes countries use the trademark of a product or its services to indirectly promote tourism. For example, everyone knows that the Apple brand represents America, Zara represents Spain, Benz represents Germany, and Homa Airlines represents Iran.

Therefore, we can use the signs that we choose and design for that product as an advertisement in the tourism industry by using a completely professional and correct graphic design. The tourism industry can introduce a specific product or service of a region and make a brand out of it, and this requires a good design and smart advertising.

The first period of the Tourism Promotional Films Festival with the abbreviation TAFF will be held in one of the Latin American countries with the aim of cultural and tourism solidarity of the South American nations with the world, and the work will begin with the formation of the policy council and the central secretariat of the festival, and the members of the jury And the selection of films and other executive committees and the roadmap of the festival will be determined in the Policy Council.

The slogan of the festival:

See the world more beautiful through the lens of tourism